• Outer space is a typical theme of the artist Pietro Maltese. Mixing different painting techniques like thick paint drips, painted shapes and sprinkles, this cosmic landscape shows that there are infinite possibilities in the universe. Furthermore, the painting has a surrealist touch to it, making it a truly magical work of art.
  • Pietro Maltese has painted not just one but several scenes from outer space, which is a typical theme for the artist. Showing 48 different cosmic landscapes, there is always something new to discover in this painting. It is showing the state of the universe or rather several universes which are always in flux, never standing still. And no matter at which of these we are looking at, they all invite us to dream of a galaxy far, far away.
  • As the title suggest, this painting is showing the ocean at night at the Mare di Marina di Ragusa. Due to the bold brush strokes, the artist abstracts the scenery a bit and wants to convey an atmosphere rather than an exact depiction of the place. The dark colours bring about a mystical atmosphere to this large-scale oil painting and the subtle shimmer of the moonlight adds an element of melancholy.
  • This apocalyptic scenery is expressed very powerfully by the artist Salvatore Depetro. Above the uprooted tree and the raging sea, the sky seams to be split by the waterfall coming out of the sky. The two different parts of dark clouds make this surreal scenery even more ominous.
  • This deep turquoise is typical for the artist Michele Nigro. In this painting it is depicting the underwater world which makes you want to dive into the artwork. His expressive style, however, doesn’t take anything away from the magical atmosphere of this scenery. The red brushstrokes are immediately recognisable as fish thanks to the composition and the brushstrokes of the water suggest an underwater current, making this natural world very dynamic.
  • The artist Armando Sparacino is known to depict typical Sizilian scenarios, not only by subject matter, but also in the way of painting. This artwork is a great example of his sensitivity to colours, always shown in a clear and bright way. The two-dimensional way of painting a woman sitting on a donkey simplifies the details in order to show the special atmosphere with its magical colours.
  • This painting is another great example of the many painting styles of the artist Michele Nigro. Due to its illogical scenery, the work has a surrealist component to it; the window with the flying curtain and a lamp floating in the air, a domestic still life on the beach and crooked buildings in the background. The bright sky in pink and orange in combination with the vivid yellow of the beach and blue of the table summarise the magic of a typical Sicilian moment.
  • In this oil painting the artist Carmelo Cilia abstracted the Sicilian landscape with bold and fast brushstrokes. Unusual for Cilia, he used bright colours that are in the foreground of this work. By illuminating the green fields he is expressing a state of well-being and serenity, that are in contrast to his often melancholic works.
  • The artist Giorgio Cavalieri shows his unconditional love to Ragusa and its people by painting various parts of the city. In this case the three bridges of Ragusa, as the title explains. He paints in a realistic and detail-rich way, which makes his paintings so attractive to anyone who shares a passion for Sicily and in particular Ragusa. Now his works can be almost considered as part of the Sicilian landscape as one can find numerous works in homes all over the island.
  • This beautiful oil painting by the artist Danilo Sammito shows a typical scene out on the ocean; a sailing boat with a long spear on top cutting through its path, like a sword. The surrounding water movements are painted beautifully, adding a lot of depth due to the detailed way of painting.
  • Showing a vibrant city in lovely nature and a lively ocean, this colourful landscape cannot but to make the viewer happy. The free way of painting gives it an element of freedom and breeziness.
  • In this painting the sky and its dynamic light are at the centre of attention. A sunbeam is coming out of the sky like something holy and illuminating everything in its path. Furthermore, the fantastic use of colour gives this painting a special aura.