Domenico Scollo

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Domenico Scollo

Domenico Scollo mainly paints Dreamscapes inspired by his dreams. The results are highly-charged artworks that combine reality and surreal elements. In these -mostly rural- sceneries, realistic parts merge with fantastic interpretations.
In the works of art by Domenico Scollo dreams, nightmares and fantasies are mixed, which represent the anxieties and the contradictions of a world that becomes increasingly absurd. The landscapes that appear in his dreams remain beautiful though and in those the human figure stays mainly absent.
Thus everything takes on mysterious and fascinating meanings, which is typical in dream analysation, giving another dimension to each artwork. The use of vibrant colours to wrap both landscapes and still life as well as the implementation of unreal light and shadow create a language that is not only dreamy, but magical.
While approaching Scollo’s paintings, one notices the dubious two.dimensionality, which always develops in two phases; the first represents the environment and the second the interpretation. Like walking two streets with constructive elements that intertwine. On the one hand, symbols of anguish and strange mechanisms, on the other, rural visions, which open to the conquest of serenity.