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Carmelo Cilia

Carmelo Cilia lives and works in Ragusa, where he was also born in 1969.

He graduated from the Comiso Art Institute in 1987.
A series of personal and collective exhibitions organised by the Regional Province of Ragusa and the municipalities of
Chiaramonte and Ragusa, in the two-year period 1996/97, immediately reveal it as one of the youngest and most
promising personalities among Ragusa artists.

In 2000 the art dealers Scribano and Repetto led him to a certain notoriety among insiders and collectors.
Furthermore, he became part of several collectives including the most important Christmas collective organized by
the Galleria Bottega d’arte in Acqui Terme. In recent years Giovanni Distenfano, collector and organiser of important
art exhibitions, promotes his work by inviting him to exhibit in various exhibitions curated by him. In 2005 the gallery
Lo Magno and the Galleria degli Archi invited him to exhibit at the Castello di Donnafugata among the 50 artists for
Kaos: the magnificent vision.

Carmelo Cilia mainly paints urban suburbs and places that have an anonymous life like parking lots, telephone
booths, garbage bins, etc. Mainly using grays and blacks, they are the places of reinforced concrete, places between
city and countryside with roundabouts, underpasses and bridges. Cilia focuses on the functionalism of these places,
which in the finalized rendering, become inexpressive and insignificant. With broad and fast strokes the artist tends
to exemplification and synthesis, on formal implants made of vertical and horizontal. He painted the Ragusa
suburbs,for example, which could be exchanged with any other urban periphery as they are lacking distinctive
features. When he paints, he eliminates any real, solar light. By doing so, a melancholy, drenched feeling of sadness
shines through. Only from time to time some glimmer of light illuminates the green fields to express a state of
well-being and serenity.