Armando Sparacino

//Armando Sparacino
Armando Sparacino

Armando Saracino lives and works in Ragusa Ibla.

He is a Sicilian artist who is a master at expressing emotions through painting. These emotions are often the way
he interprets his surroundings, which is mainly Sicily.

Hi use of clear and bright colours make clear that he sees himself rather as an interpreter of the landscapes and
sceneries he paints, in which he reveals the strong temperament of his personality. This can be described as an
infinite dialogue with nature. Sparacino is especially interested in the use of light and chromatic vibrations, which
he observes in real life and then interprets in his paintings. By doing so he is doubling reality.

Besides the landscapes, we often find gentle looking girls, some in hairstyles and clothes from the past, highlighting
the Sicilian traditions. Or, there are baskets of opium fruit that celebrate the generosity of the Sicilian agriculture.

Other works reflect landscapes, fishermen, elderly women, moments of city- and country-life and last but not least
enchantments and images of ancient Egypt (as Sparacino is also a passionate Egyptologist).